General Questions

Answer: There are two main reasons why we have set out to work on both pillars. Firstly, it is because women and girls living in the context of conflict, post conflict or so-called peace and development are confronted with the issues of conflicts on a daily basis. In order to build and maintain healthy relationships and help others do the same, we believe that creating spaces for learning and sharing of techniques for dealing with issues of conflicts and violence prepares them for a more strategic approach to community building processes. Secondly, having strong economic foundations, being financially independent and less dependance on their male counterparts will enable them lead with confidence and much more determination.     

Answer: As a nonprofit, we will grow to become a social enterprise for the sole purpose ensuring that the organization remain less dependent on grants on donors and prepare to sustain its work from the onset. This will require much more creativity in our approach. Success in this direction will be determined by the role and contributions of all partners, targets and or beneficiaries.

Answer: Gender equality is at the heart of what we do. As such, we also recognize that the work of women and girls cannot be sustained without the support of men and boys who need to firstly understand that women and girls have rights and that they have much more to offer in helping societies thrive. Through our work, we will identify opportunities and create spaces for learning and collaboration between men, women, boys and girls to help build relationships for peace and development.

Answer: Individuals that believe in our potential and work have been very generous over the years. However, we have had some partners (Listed on the home page) that have also been very supportive. We have received both financial, technical and moral support from everyone and for that we are grateful.

Answer: Our main approach will be through dialogues. Initiatives will be contextualized and each community or group will have the opportunity to determine the engagement and learning path.

Answer: As should on the home page, anyone can join us or support our work. You could join our team by applying for open positions or letting us know ahead of time of you interest. Other options include (1) Volunteering from time to time (2) Support our work by donating (3) Becoming a member of Friends for B4P CODEFOUND and (4) Becoming a partner to collaborate on specific projects, programs and or initiatives.