TOC,Where we were,
Our Core Values

Theory of Change (TOC)

Our theory of change emphasizes that the more empowered Liberian women and girls become, and the more moral, technical, and financial support they receive, the better the conditions for them and their families.As the conditions of families improve, the more productive and proactive their communities will become.As the conditions of their communities improve, the more productive and proactive the country will become.In recognition of the significance of good governance as a pillar for peace and development, proactive community members would, therefore, be able to influence local and national stakeholder, processes, and structures for the common good aimed at increasing stability, inclusive development, and prosperity. 

Where We Work

We will work to support Liberian Women and Girls in Liberia and the Diaspora. For the First five years, however, the focus will be, the United States Diaspora and Liberia. For the purpose of educating and promoting exchanges and developing cross cultural competencies for better decision making, learning and engagement for peace and development, other countries and nationalities will be engaged.

Our Core Values

As a peace and development foundation, we aspire to remain gender and conflict sensitive; Show Respect for human, and uphold the dignity of every person, whether young or old; strategically promote and encourage community cooperation, and collaboration for peace and development. We strive to build diversified and inclusive teams globally.