Friends of B4P CODEFOUND

The consultation in Liberia

Visit to the WIPNET Peace Hut in Monrovia

1st Consultative Meeting in Liberia-2019

A pose with Ms. Madella Cooper, Only female Presidential Candidate in the 2017

Theory of Change (ToC)

Against the foundational background of b4pcodefound, the organization operates with the (ToC) which emphasizes that...

Where we Work

We will work to support Liberian Women and Girls in Liberia and the Diaspora. For the First five years, however, the focus will be, the United States Diaspora and Li...

Our Core Values

As a peace and development foundation, we aspire to remain gender and conflict sensitive; Show Respect for human, and uphold the dignity of every pe...

Future Investment Initiatives

Ресурс 1


Institutional Support: As important it is for individuals and groups to be supported in doing their work, the health ...

Ресурс 9

Community Business Investment

Community Development: These grants will be expected to serve as a catalyst for jump st...

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Donor Advised

Funds donated and used in accordance with the specific guidelines o...

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B4P CODEFOUND is a Community Development Foundation. And, we have embarked on a mission...

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